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Statistical Physics Out of Equilibrium

General outline of the trimester





The trimester will be divided into three topical months, each of them ending with a more specialized focus meeting. The first three weeks of each month will feature introductory lectures, more specialized courses, and regular seminars.

Month 1: Nonequilibrium Steady States
Invited courses by: B. Derrida, C. Jarzynski, D. Ruelle, P. Gaspard, F. Ritort

Keywords: thermostats, SRB measures, fluctuation relations, work theorems, single molecule experiments, thermodynamic formalism, stochastic modeling, fluctuating hydrodynamics, nonequilibrium steady states, large deviations,           escape rate formalism, Pollicott-Ruelle resonances, entropy production, time asymmetry

Month 2: Entropy production, transport, chaos and turbulence
Invited courses by: P. Cvitanovic, J. Kurchan, S. Lepri, L. Cugliandolo,             H. van Beijeren,  R. Benzi

Keywords: normal and anomalous transport, molecular dynamics methods, dissipative dynamics, fluctuation-dissipation relations,  Green-Kubo relations,  turbulent flows, dynamical systems,  attractors, cycle expansions, large deviations, Jarzinski and fluctuation theorems, chaotic hypothesis,  stochastic stability

Month 3: Quantum dynamics out of equilibrium
Invited courses by: J. R. Dorfman,  S. Fishman, M. Wilkinson, P. Gaspard,        I. Guarneri

Keywords: transport, chaos, ratchets, resonances, tunneling, cold atoms, noise , dissipation, information, European Physical Society Conference Sponsorship Form random matrix theory, the Gutzwiller trace formula, localization, decoherence, kicked rotors, Ruelle-Pollicott resonances, chaotic scattering